Temple Orange 100% All Florida Pure Juice Soap


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The fragrant smell of Orange Blossoms and fresh squeezed Orange Juice, this bar is bound to wake your senses. Made from 100% Florida Orange juice from our own Orange trees, we pick the fruit, squeeze it and then make our soap. We use no water in our recipe, that way you get all the benefits and goodness of the juice.

Made with Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Canola Oil, Lye, Orange Juice (right from our own trees), Essential Oil and Sodium Lactate (makes for a harder bar). Only goodness in these bars, no coloring, the bars are naturally colored from the juice.If you noticed, there are only seven (7) ingredients in this bar, you will find this in all of our bars, if you find more ingredients, it is because we have added rich emollients like cocoa butter or shea butter (one of our favorites). Your skin is going to love the luxury of this bar!

Bar is 4 oz/ 118 ml

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