Goat Milk Soap 6.5 oz + Sisal Pouch


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NEW!! Our Farmer’s size bar of Goat Milk Soap with a Sisal Soap Pouch. Go ahead and lather up and exfoliate with one of our favorite soaps, Goat Milk wit a Splash of Grapefruit. Your skin will love this bar packed with Shea Butter to moisturize and the goat milk to lock in all those wonderful nutrients from a pure Grapefruit essential oil.

Your skin is going to love this bar. Made with the minimal of ingredients, we have added some of our own grapefruit juice right from our own trees along with the essential oils you get all the benefits of grapefruit juice along with Goat Milk. You really cannot smell the grapefruit to much until you wet the soap. We made the soap expecting it to be a Goat Milk soap not a citrus soap, but they ended up being a good combination complimenting each other. Along with the Shea Butter you could not ask for a more nutrient filled bar, ENJOY!

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